For the past 30 years, Harrow Skatepark's unique and timeless design has been enjoyed by thousands of skaters from all over the world. Also known as ‘Solid Surf’, it has also provided a breeding ground for generations of World class skateboarders, and a safe spot for riders of all ages and abilities to do their thing. As well as being something very special to skate, the layout and size of the skatepark allow several groups of users to session the park at the same time without getting in each others way.

Harrow Council are planning on knocking the skatepark down as well as the Leisure Centre next to it. The land is to be used to build houses on, bringing in revenue of over 40 million pounds. That's right, over £40000000. Yet the Council are only planning on spending £300k on a new skatepark, although the current (perfectly good) skatepark would cost nearly a million pounds to replace. So Harrows youth are being robbed of over 600 thousand pounds. And skateboarding is being robbed of an irreplaceable piece of its history, identity and culture.

Other countries are spending millions on making bigger and better skateparks,yet Harrow council are planning on knocking this great skatepark down and replacing it with one of a third of its value. How does this make sense?

So on the 19th April 2008, join us for SAVE HARROW SKATEPARK DAY! It could be the last big session, theres going to be cash prizes for best tricks in the pool, half pipe etc as well as cash for best transfer line. There will also be a BBQ, refreshments, product tosses, board signings from various pros, and a late night (maybe all night) flood lit pool session/party with various live bands playing to keep the session amped!

We desperately want to save this park. But if we can't, we want to say goodbye with this mega session. And raise awareness to the fact that if the council are to go ahead with their plans and bulldoze this skatepark, they are going to have to spend way more of the money gained from building these new houses than they have currently budgeted if they are to build an any where near comparable replacement.

Harrow Skatepark is situated behind Harrow Leisure centre, a few minutes walk from Harrow and Wealdstone station.

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