As you sit drinking a breakfast beer and looking out at a cold and probably damp Christmas Day, let us whisk you away on our shred sled to a sunny tech mecca...Sants-a Claus is coming to town!

Above photo: Sem Rubio

Starting things off with a bang, here's Booze'n'tits' bonkers ollie over the bench and stairs like a mad bastard.

Kayo Corp's Its Official took full advantage of Sants and Stevie's two lines there stands out as high points, with tricks and steez for days. It's inclusion here is also a good excuse to repost this interview between Stevie and Snoop.

Out There was a Santa Cruz video released at the height of Barca's skate tourism heyday and focused pretty much entirely on the city, with Flo Marfaing taking care of Sants with a laid back high popped slice of tech sickness.

Outright boss - check our Channer appreciation post for more power shredding!

A good mirror image line is always welcome here, so its back to Out There for Sid Melvin's back 270 to front lip then front 270 to back lip.

Solidly popped technical bench killing...Kalis is a steez-wizard!

No-one else could really close this post. Raul Navarro is a Catalonian mainstay and it shows in this Sants remix from Kingpin Magazine, pure G'd out control and a Nickatina track, banging!