Parlour are coming through with another dope night planned for Thursday - this time a slice of East Coast rugged shit in the form of Sabotage 4. In case you missed the promo for this one it features Ishod Wair, Brian Douglas, Jon Hadley, Juan Algora, Josh Kalis, Mark Suciu, Walker Ryan, Jamal Smith, Tore Bevivino and Joey O’Brien and Dylan Sourbeer, so you can guarantee its going to be a hype inducer! Check out Parlour's press release below the flyer...


Much to the delight of it's committed London fan base, Parlour is proud to announce the UK premiere of the 4th installment in the "Sabotage" series.

Parlour brings a thick cut slice of Philadelphia's skate scene straight from The City of Brotherly love and into the Borough of Hackney.

This video contains a cast of well established individuals that are ingrained in our scene, as well as those pushing through and gaining attention.

Ishod Wair
Brian Douglas
Jon Hadley
Juan Algora
Josh Kalis
Mark Suciu
Walker Ryan
Jamal Smith
Tore Bevivino
Joey O'Brien
Dylan Sourbeer

"Sabotage" is a collection of films demonstrating the raw originality of skateboarding, remaining true to the core foundations of which the Philly skate scene has grown upon.

We will be working alongside our partners Brewdog to provide free beer for the evening.

Brewdog are a company that strive to achieve perfection when creating product, maintaining their core values and processes by all means possible.

We will be opening our Shoreditch store doors at 8:00PM, Thursday 17th September.


Parlour 'Presents'

59 Hackney Rd.


E2 7NX