Back in October 'Welcome Skate Store' and friends ventured out to Barcelona to catch the last bits of sun before a grim winter. The crew consisted of Will Sheerin, Dale Starkie, Tom Zealand, Cainan McEwan, Dean Greensmith, Tom Brown, George Worthington, Sam 'Blinky' Hutchinson, Liam Hobson, Mike Clarkson, Martyn Hill and Jordan Kaye.

The productive week of skating churned out a banging edit filmed by Josh Hallett and a Zine containing documented photos during the trip by Reece Leung and Sam 'Blinky' Hutchinson. This 42 page zine is available from Welcome Skate Store or on their website via THIS LINK for just £5! Theres only an edition of 100 so grab one before they sell out.

Heres a photo gallery of some photos from the trip which didn't make the zine to give you little taster.


Will Sheerin - gap to bin bonk - photo Reece Leung


Blinky tucks a Barcelona volcano - photo Reece Leung


Cainan McEwan - ollie to fifty euro withdrawl - photo Reece Leung


Dale Starkie - wallie out of a tight squeeze - photo Reece Leung


Mike Clarkson - blue box ollie - photo Reece Leung

Tom Zealand - casual 10 stair hubba 5.0 grind - photo Reece Leung

Will Sheerin - fence ollie - photo Reece Leung


Blinky - flip fastplant - photo Reece Leung


Mike Clarkson - wallride nollie - photo Reece Leung

Will Sheerin - frontside 180 - photo Reece Leung

Cainan McEwan - wallie into bank - photo Reece Leung


Reece Leung - frontboard pop over - photo not Reece Leung