Myself and Chris Johnson are currently out in Tenerife with the Route One team, consisting of Joe Lynskey, Manhead, Doug McLaughlan, Avid and Amir Williams. Andy Makepeace should also be in the air as I type, after he missed his flight yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, for the next 6 days we'll be bringing you a variety of bloggings from the sunshine, so keep checking back to find out what the R1 lot have been up to. Here's some snaps from the first day...

Manchester Airport terminal three shuttle bus with the Yorkshire contingent.

Steadying nerves in the departure lounge - doesn't help that the episode of Family Guy that was on the night before we left featured a couple of plane crashes.

Manhead annoying everyone in earshot by being an iPrick.

Avid's here.

Doug knows how to prioritise food allowance.

Manhead took a slam within five minutes of leaving the airport - footage to follow.

Amir Williams - mad lyrics to follow.

Manhead again - this time after pulling the shower curtain down.