Here's my final dump of camera-phone bloggings from the Route One trip to Bulgaria. Next week should see some guest blogs from others on the trip, and keep an eye out for the full article in an upcoming issue of the mag...

Cannabis possession apparantly comes with a 15 year instant jail sentence in Bulgaria.

Pair of gays.

Hello love, come here often?

Manheads a right old pisshead these days.

It's almost like having freedom of choice again...

Vandalism tourettes.

The eyes have it.

Not a good look...

Things start to fall apart.

Hard man.

One of Leydens many disguises throughout the trip...

Sharing jokes with new friends.

NDK locals obviously aren't feeling Harrisons steez that much, then.

Yes, you still look like a car thief, even with that novelty hat on...

Our nations capital by night from a plane.

Heathrow, 23:20, over it.