Rohum Pourtahmasbi's long term video project 'Rolling: Without Footage it's Fiction' will be premiering at House of Vans London on July 14th at 8pm. The film focuses on skateboarding's videographers and sees a wide array of well known heads swapping sides of the lens, making this of definite interest to anyone wanting an understanding of the finer points of skate video creation.

Check out the most recent trailer, then get down to House of Vans on the 14th!

US names involved in the project include Russell Houghten, Greg Hunt, Federico Vitetta, Colin Kennedy, Jacob Rosenberg and Jason Hernandez while the UK contingent consists of Ben Wilks, Andy Evans, Daniel Magee, Kevin Parrott, Callun Loomes, Ben Livesy, Joe Gavin, Tom Gammage, Dan Beall, Austin Bristow and Jacob Harris.