Rollersnakes 1994 UK skate video Video-Log 2 - online in full

Spring of 1994 marked the second release of Rollersnakes' seasonal video series with Video-Log 2.

As a kind of UK alternative to the newly established monthly 411VM series, Video-Log came at a time when UK skate video production barely existed and offered a window into national goings on that back then was only accessible in magazines.

Video-Log 2, now online in full featured sections from the 1994 Radlands Championship, footage from the combined World Industries crew Nottingham session in Market Square featuring the likes of Kareem Campbell, Fred Gall, Pat Duffy and Natas Kaupas to name just a few, plus footage of Luke McKirdy and others, along with reviews of much of the product available via Rollersnakes at the time.

This one is a fascinating window into what was going on in the UK and further afield in terms of the 1994 skateboard scene. Subscribe to the Rollersnakes YouTube channel for regular related uploads.

Now, twenty three years after its original VHS video release Rollersnakes have decided to digitize the series. Video-Log 2 features the skateboarding talents of some of the best to ever do it. Tom Penny, Mike Carroll, Jeremy Wray and Luke McKirdy to name a few. This is your history - dive in now.

Filmed by Leigh Haynes and Andy Evans. Edited by Leigh Haynes.

Click the image below to watch the full video