As it's been two whole years since the Rogue Skateboards crew last embarked upon any sort of tour, Jenna has decided to round up the girls for the impending "Rogue Goes Riding" tour of the south. The dates and locations are as follows...

Saturday 27th October:

Ealing Skate Park

'Anywhere Road' - Female Skate Exhibition

Sunday 28th October:

London Street Shred (Various and dependent on weather)

Monday 29th October:

Bay Sixty6 Skate Park (London)

Mile End Skate Park

Tuesday 30th October:

XC Skate Park (Hemel Hempstead)

Pioneer Skate Park (St Albans)

Wednesday 31st October:

Cyclopark (Gravesend)

It's intended on being a very informal affair, so if you fancy getting involved with the tour or simply want to get a session in with the girls at any of the stops, then hit up Jenna at for more details.

Also, keep up to date with the plans via the "Rogue Goes Riding" Facebook Page.