Andy Rayner dusted off some old tapes over the weekend and came through with some previously lost footage from the 2010 Ride With Us summer trip. This was one that I ended up on accidentally, going to one of the summer jams at Romford and finding that this was the starting point for the trip. I hopped in with some representatives of the Wakefield Underground who had a car space going and from then on the mission was on - camping, BB guns, salvia, slams and boozing. Details are hazy due to my predilection at the time for Co-Op's £2.50 'table' rose wine, but certain points rise out of the gloom - I definitely remember someone in Essex trying to drag Joe out of the car and kill him for throwing a Rich Tea (possibly a Hobnob) at him. Tom Day got a BB pellet to the eye socket and took possibly the best slam of the trip at a crusty Broadstairs bank spot, and I definitely took about 300 more slams at that wall than you can see on the clip.

Rayner's footage covers the skatepark antics of Ant Smith, Joe Howard, Tom Day, Steak, Tom Bramley, me, Matt Clarke, Jake Collins and Carl Wilson, you'll just have to picture the rest.