Ivanov Saarinen-Boeck's London skate scene video 'I Used To Skate' is now out on DVD and, to hype it, he's uploaded Rich Armitage's killer section to the web. A six and a half minute beast filmed across various European cities and set to Wendy Rene and Beastie Boys bangers, this one ranges from tech ledge business to caballerials on crusty metal miniramps to a knee crunching ender.

Get watching, then pick up one of the DVD's from Ivanov's Bigcartel page and enjoy more from Rich Armitage, Aleksi Hornborg, Laurie Colley, Connor Weinstein, Ivanov Saarinen-Boeck, Pip Whitelock, Ned Green, Jonathan Shepperd, Tristan Mcdonald, Logan Mcdonald and more.