Dan Singer and Heroin Skateboards pro Craig Questions have seen fit to bring back Roadkill into the world of skateboarding, resurrecting their clothing/zine outlet for the first time in a few years and bringing their twisted vision of real skateboarding in a false world back into being for public consumption. Roadkill was always a welcome insight into the minds of Whitstable's finest weirdos so we're stoked to see it making a comeback!

As I couldn't find much in the way of Roadkill video clips from the original incarnation despite bringing my serious skate-web-lurking skills to bear on the matter, once you've clicked on the image below to check on what products they've made so far then you can scroll further down to watch Craig shredding Whitstable for Gullwing Trucks a few years ago and read some words from him that he emailed over to us about bringing Roadkill back.

You can also expect much more from both Dan and Craig in the upcoming Blast Skates/Ed Hubert video Blokes, hitting your screens sometime during the spring months...


"A long time ago Dan Singer and myself did a zine called Roadkill, we did around eleven or twelve zines I think (?) and printed on every surface available. We screen printed everything from shirts, bags, jackets, cardboard boxes, stickers and anything else we could ruin, most of the time we ruined more stuff than we made good!

Now after years of not doing it and always talking about it we have decided to do it again. There is a instagram - @roadkillzine - that Dan does featuring all the new stuff and links to where to get it when it's out, as for now I have items ready to go so go nuts and spend all your money..."