In advance of their upcoming screen printing tour - which will be stopping at a number of skater owned shops for printing lessons, skate jams and more - the Repro Print Division crew decided to put in the graft and make their very own Repro Ramp, complete with beer can coping courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon, for the occasion. Fine tuning the ramp bright and early on Saturday morning, the original plan to take the ramp straight to Deptford's Folkestone Gardens Skatepark was ruled out after we passed through and realised just how busy that park can get on a sunny bank holiday weekend. This struck me as bizarre considering how terrible the layout of that park is but I suppose everything looks better when the sun is out, or perhaps there's just no accounting for taste!

With the hordes making the most of the snake run to nowhere, a few of us took to the streets, football courts and bins of Deptford to test out the Repro Ramp and it's gleaming beer can coping whilst avoiding flying footballs from the game taking place at the other end of the court and not really avoiding the cheese grater consistency of the floor. Eventually we ended up at Folkestone Gardens, with a bin overflowing with refuse the scene of an impromptu sub box session. The life of a skateboard filmer at its glamorous best...

Featuring Harry Pyle, Danger Mike, Josh Cole, Adam Johns, Asher Thornton, James Hall, Jono Coote, Ross Brunton, Taylor Jones and Jozef Szklaruk.
Music: 'Paranoia' by Dry Heaves, part of the Lughole collective who are currently looking for a new DIY venue to do the rad work that they do - help out via their Gofundme page if you can!
The first leg of the Repro SOS Tour will be taking place at Three Amigos Skate Shop in Camden, with a jam at the venerable Cantelowes Skatepark, on the 26th of May - we'll be there to capture proceedings, but obviously you'd much rather be there in person!