"re:ply Skateboards is a Skateboard recycling company, run and owned by skaters in Glasgow.

We reshape skateboards into alternative skatable shapes or cruiser shapes, depending on personal preference.

We also screenprint our own clothing, from our workshop based in the east end of Glasgow.

We're currently in the process of getting funding and support so that we can expand our business to eventually develop into pressing our own boards from scratch.

Also with interest and investment we're looking to start a separate screen printing company, printing other skateboard companies clothing alongside a range of other companies. In doing this we have come across some artist collaboration ideas with artists in Berlin, Copenhagen and Barcelona. We are always keen to work with artists from around the world.

As you've probably guessed we're trying to get our name out there, whilst gaining as much support as possible. We believe that raising awareness and providing for the local skateboarding communities is a good way to do so.

In March 2014 we put on a highly successful exhibition called "Cultural Canons and Kickflips" in an old Victorian swimming pool in Glasgow. This involved Iain Young and Div Adam (Concreate Skateparks) building obstacles to skate inside the empty pool, while having art and photography from the local skateboarding scene in cubicles around the edge of the pool.

In addition to the exhibition and skate ramps we had music from well known skateboarding band PAWS, DJ Bessa, alongside DJ Greenman. Also, a film premier night from Scottish film makers such as Iron Girraffe (Paul VX) and Teleboyz (Calum Rennie).These events in total attracted roughly 500 people from the Scottish skateboarding scene and wider demographics. We're already looking to plan the next event and would love some Sidewalk coverage and company promotion.

More recently we have also been running a series of workshops to raise awareness of Skateboarding (getting kids off scooters!!) by running free workshops where kids screenprint their own re:ply clothing and design their own re:ply boards. This has been highly successful for not only us but has attracted kids to the urban sports environments to give skateboarding an opportunity.

Coming from Glasgow where Football and drinking are the two predominant sports we think that raising awareness is crucial for local skateboarders to be looked after but also for general awareness of Skateboarding to be noticed and appreciated.

Currently, we plan to set up as a social enterprise so that we can continue to do workshops alongside running the company in order to continue to raise awareness of skateboarding and what we do at re:ply. So far we have sponsored events across the UK including Edinburgh, Bristol, Brighton and Glasgow."

Please see the following:

Website- www.re-plyskateboards.com

Pictures- http://instagram.com/replyskateboards#

Social- https://www.facebook.com/re.plySkateboards


This how they do it.

Cruise fest!


Screen printing the boards.


All shapes, sizes and colours.


More rad shapes.


Custom design jobs all day!


More design hype.


Even more custom design jobs.


The classic.

poley board grip

Another rad shape.

poley board

Fabulous stuff.


Sinisterly rad.


re:ply also screen print clothes such as this.


And this!


Just to prove they do get shredded on.