This is the one all you skate rats have been waiting for - the details of this years 'Ride With Us' tour are finally in!

Starting out at a jam at The Ripped, Dewsbury on July 4th, the rolling free for all will make its way south to London, over to the West Country, before making its final stop at the NASS weekend on Friday July 10th - check the poster below to see how the day by day schedule as it is currently shaping up. Also, there will be a Scottish 'Ride With Us' division rolling along this year, which will start out on July 5th at Transition Extreme, Aberdeen, and meet up with the English crew prior to arriving at NASS - again, see the poster for specific days and locations.

The format/point of the tour is still the same as previous years - which means that if you have means of transport, a tent, a sleeping bag and enough money for a weeks worth of petrol and food, just turn up at the designated starting points and get yourself involved!

This is open to literally everyone and promises to be another week to remember, so start rounding up the troops now and keep an eye out for further updates as we get them.