Rehash Episode 3 - John Rattray

After a slight delay Rehash is back with one of the greatest skaters to have ever come out of the UK - namely John Rattray.

Josh Hallett has looted the VHS archives to put together 3 minutes of Rattray greatness from all manner of pre-internet sources which may have passed some of you by (full list of videos used in the end credits).

Starting in 1995 with John's first foray into the glare of UK skate scene via Rollersnakes Videolog 5 and featuring footage culled from everywhere from Viewfinder videos, early Blueprint releases and Transworld's Video Radio - this is by no means exhaustive - but should serve as a good reminder of how far ahead of the curve John was.

Props to the Manolo Tapes project for the inspiration.

Re-edit by Josh Hallett

Music: 'Hard Rain' by Uncle John and Whitelock

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More to come soon...