Ravenous Skateboards have uploaded their 2011 full length skate video 'Ravenous' to the web in all its scabrous glory - what can we even say about this one? A Shake Junt section, Timmy Garbett's urban glory hole, Joe Marks' gnarly curtain closer and much more awaits at the press of the play button...

Featuring Louie Jones, Lloyd Mcleggon, Harry Hughes, Louis Slater, Timmy Garbett, Gordo and Joe Marks.

The Shake Junt Homies - Shane Heyl, Bryan Herman, Neen Williams, Jon Dickson, Kevin Spanky Long, Figgy, Erik Ellington, Theotis Beasley, Braydon Szafranski, Sinner.

Guest Tricks From John Bell, Mike Wright, Lewis Threadgold, Moggins, Boots, Ronnie Calow, Shane Fantom, Tom Watts, Miles Clark Wallace.

Filmed And Edited By Martin Kennelly