All of the edits from last Monday's Route One "Free Skate Day 2012" are now online and ready to be watched below. Check the clips from Leeds, Colchester, Belfast, Glasgow, Mount Hawke and Hemel Hempstead, featuring Conhuir Lynn, Doug McLaughlan, Andy Makepeace, Nicky Howells, Joe Lynksey, Benson and the rest of the R1 team.

Public voting for the official clips has gone live on the R1 Facebook, with the video that racks up the most votes before Friday earning its local park £1,000 towards development. Get on the case and support your local establishment!

Unit 23, Dumbarton:

The Works, Leeds:

Ramprage, Colchester:

The XC, Hemel Hempstead:

T13, Belfast:

Mount Hawke, Cornwall:

Exist, Swansea: