R1 Tony Hawk and Eric Koston Interviews - Part 2

Following the release of Part 1 of R1's double bill 100th interview with Tony Hawk and Eric Koston in late September, here's the second part of both interviews for you edification and entertainment.

Tony Hawk is up first, discussing everything from recent changes within Birdhouse after Tony took on a more hands-on role with the brand following its change of distribution, watching Lizzie Armanto's hard work and commitment pay off, revisiting the Chin Ramp, the influence and impact of Instagram and Social Media in general, through to his son Riley rising to prominence as a pro skater in his own right. Another in-depth chat with skateboarding's most famous advocate.

Part 2 of the Eric Koston interview covers the Numbers Edition brand's approach to video-making, the lost (and highly expensive) art of the traditional full-length team video, Mark Gonzales' influence with the brand's name, founding The Berrics as Social Media began to take hold of skateboard culture, moving from Lakai to Nike and lots more.