R1 Sam Beckett interview

R1's Alex Winstanley sits down with Norfolk's finest X-Games gold medallist Sam Beckett during the recent CPH Open 2017 event to chat about all matters Beckett-related.

Amongst other things, chat turns to Sam's recent injuries, stick and poke tattooing, living the nomadic lifestyle and constantly being on the road, tattooing Bryce Kanights in his hotel room, turning pro for Blind skateboards, growing up skating vert with no vert ramps anywhere near his childhood home and lots more.

These R1 interviews are always interesting, so take a bit of time out and enter Mr Beckett's world.

"The Olympics are not really something that I've really ever thought about being involved in if I'm honest. I mean, it's skateboarding so obviously there will be a lot of people who are going to knock it but it's just another competition isn't it? It just also happens to the Olympics. I'm not really against it any way but at the same time, it's not something that I'm spending too much time thinking about either..."