R1 Double Bill: Eric Koston and Tony Hawk speak

In celebration of reaching the milestone of 100 interviews, R1 decided to go all out and sit down with two of the biggest names in global skateboarding, namely Eric Koston and Tony Hawk.

Both of these are seriously in-depth with lots of the kind of questions you've always wanted to know the answers to, so, as always, big up Alex Winstanley for his commitment to skate geekery.

Tony Hawk covers how he can still rip at the level he does whilst approaching his fifties and his answer is disarmingly honest.

"People ask me - 'do you do Yoga, do you stretch, do you do other sports?' I really don't, I probably should but I only skate. I skate so regularly that I never really lost a step. That's my only secret..."

Likewise, the Eric Koston interview is equally candid with Eric chatting whilst over in Copenhagen for the recent CPH Open 2017 event talking about the evolution of skateboard contests, establishing Numbers and various other topics.