Edit: Andy Evans

Photos: Sam Roberts

Words: Lucy Adams

On Sunday 21st June 2015 myself and Danni Gallacher came together under the banner of Girl Skate UK to bring about Push The Prom - a celebration of female skateboarding for international Go Skateboarding Day!

We began at Brighton's The Level skatepark with some skateboard workshops followed by a swift miniramp jam. Local ripper Rianne shredded the hell out of it, Ayumie Powell went gnar with a bomb drop (?!) and encouragement was provided for several debut drop-ins.

At half 12 we gathered together and set off for Palace Pier to begin the Push to our second destination, Hove Lagoon skatepark. As it goes it was the London to Brighton Bike Ride on the same day, so we got in amongst it and even managed to get the odd tow along to help rest the legs!


3.5 miles later we'd made it to Hove Lagoon. A break for food and drink and then a flat bank jam session ensued; Claire Thompson battled for a backside flip on the flat bank, Elly Ford did one of the sweetest frontside heel flips I've seen in time and Josie Millard landed a hardflip...we've come a long way since flip fakies over and over.

The hip jam followed with step off shuvs getting a seeing to from Rianne and Josie, Girl Skate UK Queen Danni G riding away from a flip and Elly landing a whole host of moves!


We finished up with a jam on the lop sided miniramp. The Penny board was put through its paces on the lip by Rianne, who also joined Danni in an Andy Mac/Tony Hawk style doubles demo!


Thanks to everyone for coming down from all over the country to join us! Thank you to all the sponsors who gave us some really rad stuff as prizes! Thanks to the local shops for supporting and the City Council for backing us. Can't wait to do it all again next year!