Primitive Skateboards head to the UK for a quick tour of London's streets, squeezing as many spots into the brief stop as they could with the aid of UK representative Charlie Munro. Making the most of East India Ledges and Southbank, as well as the recently re-skateable Victoria Benches and the on and off skate stopped St Paul's, this one is heavy on the street lines and ledge tech side of things - things are broken up however by some good use of the current London skate edit de riguer, the propped up drain cover, as well as a straight up banger of an ender at the pedestrian traffic nightmare scenario of St Paul's stairs.

Featuring Charlie Munro, Marek Zaprazny, Roman Lisvika, Trent McClung and Wade DesArmo.

Filmed and edited by Kevin Perez

While we're on the subject of Wade DesArmo, get stuck into more baggy clothed tech steez courtesy of our recent Sunday Service ode to Canadian dopeness. You can also get a much larger dose of Primitive via their recent full length video Never, which dropped with little fanfare to the delight of fans of smooth technical skating everywhere.

Got a bizarre fetish for blue text which is too embarrassing to confess, even to your nearest and dearest? Feeling the need to chase that hyperlink dragon even further down the internet rabbit hole? Fear not, because the end goal of those slightly confused Monday morning mixed metaphors is to guide you to the beginnings of the Primitive X Get Lesta power couple of which Charlie Munro is the focal point. Hit the text below to enjoy that in full...

"It was clear from the outset that Primitive weren’t interested in having a ‘UK team’ through the distributor or anything like that, from the start they wanted Charlie repping directly."