Preston Skatepark opened with a bang this weekend, with a solid crew descending from all over to tear apart its concrete curves. With a heavy LBP presence working behind the scenes, the park was bound to be good and it looks as if those expectations have been born out.

After the weather looking dodgy for a few days beforehand, the sun came through on the Sunday of the jam, and rippers descended from across the country to test out some new 'crete in the early Autumn heat. While it looks like the pool saw the majority of action - with people crowding in to find the lines and attack the deep end - the rest of the park still got a seeing to and butter pies were won by many.

This one is well worth visiting if you're travelling around the north, if you need any more convincing then watch the above (or below for the Mpora link) edit and click through for a photo gallery courtesy of Paul Graham.

Alan - Back Smith

Back smith

Pulley - Invert


Junior - FS Rock and Roll

Front rock

Doug - Fs Smith

Front smith from the beast that is Dougie.

Pulley - Goodbuddy

The lesser seen goodbuddy.

Avid - Body J


Duncan - FS 50

Frontside grind

Sox - Rock and Roll

Rock n roll

Bruce - Back Smith

Back smith from one of Yorkshire's most slept on skaters.

Pulley- Back D

Backside disaster

Sam - Tailblock


Sox - Stand Up

Frontside grind

Pulley- Lien Tail

Lien tail