To round off a pretty blog heavy week on the site, everybody's favourite northern southerner, Nic Polwey, has sent us through another epic blog, this time covering his recent weekend spent at the Maoam skate jam in Birmingham, and the opening of Rock Park in Barnstaple.

As there's quite a lot of it, we've had to split it up over three pages - so get scrolling through the pics below and click onto the next page where prompted.

Snaps by Powley and associates, captions by Powley.

Look how stoked Nev is on a free bottle of water.

Me and the Homeslice hatching plans for the next 'Groms on Tour'!

The new and improved Grove put on a pretty ridiculous show for the kids, don’t worry - that t-shirt didn’t stay on for long! Half cab off the ¼ pipe.

Homeslice feeds the kids up with free Maoam and get’s them bouncing off walls.

How much does this kid look like a young Ross McGouran?

Here’s a pic of the winners, and below is a list of the results:

1: Dale Cook

2: Adam Stannaway

3: Rob Ayton

Rob dislocated his shoulder the next day at Barnstaple so get well soon mate!

Alex was happy as usual!

These guys are complete pricks! I told them I was going to insult them on the blog and I am a man of my word.

The highlight of the demo was Manheads stinking switch Benihana on the flat.

Brewers Emo fringe put in a special guest appearance.

Perfect Smith shapes after a pretty long drive which featured some ‘wreckless’ overtaking and one angry policeman.

Continues over on page two. Click below...

After a brief stop at the park we hit the hotel. As usual the first thing on Churchills agenda was to act a little gay and try and rape The Boss!

MC Jebend in the house. Sorry to everyone I insulted or offended, you’re all much better people than I am.

There’s nothing a guy like Churchill loves more than a nice primo landing!

This is what the photo above should have looked like – tailslide on the rock.

Dan Wileman had a hot look going on. It’s hard to believe that he once got turned away from a club in Manchester for looking like too much of a chav in his trackies. Oh how we laughed!

The Evs definitely put his own little spin on the days event - check it here!

I introduced gang culture to Barnstaple so these kids are probably out robbing petrol stations right now. At least they won’t be hanging round the skatepark on their stupid scooter things.

The little chap on the right is Glenn from Beats Workin’ – he’s officially a ruler!

Creature UK = Gaylords

This is P-Rock, he’s a Barnstaple legend!

After a hard days skating what you need is a 20 man carvery. Good times.

Car mods Bristol style – Peg it. Sophies car called Robert is a piece of crap! I wonder if Habgood will beat me up for disrespecting his girlfriends ride?

Click onto page three for some bonus snaps that Powley sent over but didn't caption...

Sinister blokes.

Yeah lips!

Come on everyone - it's CARADOG!!! And little Jake tucking into a sarnie in the background...

"Oh no! Daryl's drinking again!"

And we out, y'all...