Above photo: CJ

Skateboarding is not an activity for the timid. Once you've moved beyond working out how to stand on a board, any kind of improvement is going to be based on a solid groundwork of falling down, bruising flesh and breaking bones. Pretty much every time you step onto a board you metaphorically play with fire, so it was never going to be much of a stretch to make that metaphor a literal reality. Enjoy some of our favourite moments when a group of skaters have said, "Fuck it, you know what will make this more fun to skate? A big fuck off fire," as well as an almost complete avoidance of crap puns...

Steve Olson Big Brother cover

Steve Olson, dressed up as the devil and heelflipping over a pile of burning bibles? Big Brother kicked off their 666 issue in style!

Big budgets undoubtedly helped the fact that skateboarders and obstacles alike could be set alight at will in Birdhouse's 'The End'...

Dan Cates perfects his fire breathing technique mid-footplant fakie in this clip from Vans' 'No Home Comforts' tour.

The Transworld Skate and Create contests always bring out some interesting ideas and Lakai's fire edit was a good one - the 'Lakairomania' title being a high point.

At around 11:25, the fire starts...


Jake Collins, front blunt. Ph: CJ

Grant Taylor, Raven Tershy, Raney Beres and more decide to make the 'volcano' aspect of a DIY park more accurate in this Bru Ray clip.

Karranza - piv fakie

Karranza - pivot fakie. Ph: Jaime Marcos


Undoubtedly the techest this list gets, Evan Smith tre flip nosebluntslides through a bonfire in the recent SLS Trick of the Year competition - bonkers...

The section which sparked the idea, Frank Shaw skates to the GBH song 'Give me Fire' and decides to follow that order to its fullest potential in the midst of a genuinely gnarly concrete assault.

Frankie Fire

Because we could - 'Fire and Friends' article from Sidewalk Issue 3, 1996. In the immortal words of Greg Conroy, "Less snazzy trainers, more Franklin Stephens."