Pixels presents Gav Coughlan's Euro Birdhouse part, which sees one of Ireland's gnarliest skateboarding exports putting his knees to the test on a number of UK, Irish and Euro chasms interspersed with an impressive display of technical ledge ripping for the Birdman's brand. Varial heelflips over handrails, high speed lines, solid switch heelflip control and GZA on the soundtrack - not the easy option of 'Just chuck something from Liquid Swords' either - Gav has been a familiar face on the Irish and UK scenes for a long time now and, judging by this, is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Press play to enjoy the levels of gnarliness we've come to expect from Gav...

"Irish machine Gav Coughlan has been hard at work across the UK and Ireland for his “Euro Birdhouse" part and this doesn’t disappoint! Gav has been a stalwart in the UK/IRE scene for over a decade now and he is still well on top of his game. Enjoy!"

Filmed by Ciaran Hughes, Isaac Wilkinson, Naoise McCarthy, Adam Keys, Kevin Parrot and Yves Marchom.

Edited by Alan Glass.

Music by GZA.

To see what gets Gav hyped to carcass toss himself down stairs or to get his teeth into a fiddly ledge line battle, check out his recent MyTube feature via the text below;

"I always loved this section from ‘Guilty’ as it was more like a music video than just a skate section. The mix between the two works well and it gets me hyped on the tech side of skating. Smolik was doing some of these combos while those modern day tech kids were still in diapers."

You can also check out his part in 2016 Dublin scene video Epilogue from Dublin SMA, filmed and edited by Ciarán Hughes;