Mark Nicolson has been digging through the archives and unearthed a treat in the form of the tapes from the 1996 Pioneer Skatepark competition. Featuring a who's who of UK skateboarding at the time, this raw footage is a solid dose of nostalgia as well as a reminder of how much people were willing to travel across the UK for the craic of a good sized event, something which sadly doesn't seem to happen as much these days.

Featuring (deep breath); Dave Chesson, Martin Herrick, Barry Dring, Greg Finch, Louis Slater, Dan Cates, Flynn Trotman, John Rattray, Mark Channer, Lee Dainton, Franklin Stephens, Ali Boulala, Chris Pulman, Matt Pritchard, Alex Moul, Danny Wainwright, Colin Kennedy, Rodney Clarke, Paul Shier and more.