Mark Kendrick's new clothing company Piilgrim launched a couple of weeks ago with the premiere of 'Third Eye', filmed on the streets of London and Manchester. The edit is a straight up banger and we're stoked to see it now online, so you can now press play on the video below for seven minutes of raw street skating from a number of our favourite skateboarders. The threads themselves are not only pretty dope, but are also 100% vegan and made using recycled and organic fabrics with eco-friendly packaging - you can check them out over on the Piilgrim website.

Back to the video itself and Jeremy Jones opens proceedings with his unique brand of quick footed skating and unusual lines, followed by Keanu Robson and Tom Day getting comfortable with an array of harsh bank spots and DIY. Franklin Stephens makes an always welcome appearance and kills it, before Jiri Bulin brings things to a close. Jiri is clearly on one at the moment and hits everything from handrails to steep brick banks to gnarly looking, bodged together paving slab kicker gaps. As statements of intent go, this video is a powerful start!

Filmed and edited by Mark Kendrick.

Additional filming by Jim Craven and Isaac Wilkinson.