Last up in our 2013 series of Photographers Stories is our West Yorkshire centric contributing lensman Paul Graham!

Have a click through the following pages for Paul's five favourite shots from 2013, then refresh your memory to CJ, Leo, Reece, Smasher and Joel's choices by clicking here.

Joe Howard - dog piss.

1-Joe Howard, dog piss

This was shot for Joe's First Light and it was quite a surprise to have this one published as we already had a street photo of him, but Joe was keen to shoot something at the Hebden Bridge pool. I had two misgivings about going to shoot this trick - the first being that Joe had focused my previous fisheye at this spot by inverting into it, and the second was the weather on the day we went to shoot it.

The day we went to shoot was in February, so it was always going to be a long shot. Following a two-hour public transport journey, it began to snow just as we got to the park. Joe began to try the trick straight away with no warm up as I set up to lie in the snow. After a few makes we got the photo you see here and were both pleased with it, we then proceeded to skate the park for the next two hours in the snow whilst it amazingly stayed dry!

I was super hyped this photo was used as it is a rare thing when a photo comes out just as I have it in my head, the only aspect that would make it perfect for me would be if you could tell that it was snowing whilst we were shooting!

[part title="Bruce"]

Bruce, backside - backside tailslide.

2-Bruce, backside tailslide

This photo was used as the main photo for a Terrain Spotting at the recently built Girlington Park in Bradford. Bruce struggled with this back tail for a while before doing it, which I guess shows how challenging the bowl is to skate. After he had worked out the lines in this bowl, we got a couple more photos in quick succession.

I think you really have to see Bruce skate in person to understand how good he is, but check the recent Sore promo or the Team DC KOTHM edits for up to date evidence.

[part title="Martyn Hill"]

Martyn Hill - no comply.

3-Martyn Hill, no comply

This was used for a Last Post in the same issue as the previous two photos. Again, we shot a couple of photos on this evening and both were ran, the other as a Heathen advert. Whilst setting up for this trick, a drunk guy approached us and began telling us he was waiting for his kids in the nearby slide you can see in the background and then proceeded to sit right in the back of my shot. So whilst Martyn was trying the trick I began negotiations to get the guy out of the shot. To be fair he was very polite about moving, apparently not realising he was in the way. He then stood next to me whilst I was shooting and started banging on about how he used the skate, standard.

From a photography point of view, I tried to get in as tight as possible to exaggerate the Civic Hall building's curve through the fisheye. Due to the lighting conditions being so bright, I decided to shoot natural light but wasn't feeling it, so decided to set up some flashes. This was a struggle due to the brightness of the scene, but eventually I managed to place the flashes close enough to get the photo.

[part title="Kieran Menzies"]

Kieran Menzies - transfer.

4-Kieran Menzies, transfer

This was shot at the Vans Shop Riot Northern round at the new Redcar Skatepark, now one of the best parks in the country. The Focus team were one of the few teams to use the whole of the park in their runs, including Socks (the Scottish one) transferring into the bowl two different ways. Kieran began trying this transfer towards the end of their run after having smashed the rest of the park with smiths both ways on the big transitioned bank, and various airs over the big hip.

[part title="Dean Greensmith"]

Dean Greensmith - rock n roll.

5-Dean Greensmith, rock n roll

This was shot at Hastings skatepark on our annual trip down for the ‘Battle of Hastings’ event. The comp has a good turnout from people all over the country, with Scots even making the long trip down to the South Coast in the past. I think this may be due to a mix of the prize money involved (£1066/Euros), the popular jam format where most people can win some cash (even I won 20 quid this year, cmoac), the organisers including the exemplary creator of Florecast, Sam Roberts and the often hectic after-party.

I've had a couple of photos of Dean published in the past few years, but this has to be the gnarliest. Red Bull was sponsoring the comp, and decided to add this large extension to the gnarliest wall in the park. Waking up at the park to the sight of the builders putting up this wall, no one believed anything could be done on it. However during the comp both Jak Tonge and Dean got tricks on the extension, Jak rocking the side and Dean kickflipping onto it, followed by this rock and roll and a hurricane try! The following morning we woke up to familiar shouts of "why do I always spend my winnings on partying?!"