When he's not delivering mail to the residents of Brighton, the mighty Joel Peck can be found trekking the length and breadth of the UK (and beyond) in search of worthy seven-ply sessions for him to point his lens at.

Over the course of 2013, Joel came through like The photographic Wu for the mag, and below you should be able to find his five favourite shots gathered over the course of the last twelve months.

Get stuck in now anyway - more Photographers Stories coming your way tomorrow...

Jirka Bulin - ollie.

1-Jirka Bulin, ollie

As soon as I got to Stockport on this day, Chris Barrett told me how, earlier, Jirka had ollied a massive double set that’s never been touched before and I should try to get him to do it again for a photo. Jirka wasn’t game though as he’d already hurt himself filming it and he had to go to work that afternoon. Nevertheless, we ended up there anyway to try and skate a bank outside the same building. Jirka was just sitting down watching, saying he couldn’t skate and I certainly wasn’t about to force him down this thing. Look at the bricks - it’s a horrible, horrible floor, even just to roll on and the flat between the stair sets is long. I’m not surprised it had never been skated before.

I got over the idea and started to skate the bank and it was only then that Jirka suddenly ran up, looked down it and called me over - “I’ll give it one pop, but no more. I might not be keen in a minute though, so I want to do it now". After a panicked set-up from me, one pop was all he needed and he went straight to work down the road at McDonalds. This was used for his Working Class Hero at said eatery.

[part title="Jesus Fernandez"]

Jesus Fernandez - frontside wallride.

2-Jesus Fernandez, frontside wallride

Jesus had been in London for no more than an hour when he did this, fresh off a late flight from Barca. It was during the Lakai X Parlour ‘Go Skateboarding Day’ and everybody else had just left to continue the mission towards Canary Wharf. I asked to shoot a portrait of Jesus whilst everyone slowly disappeared into the distance, unaware of our delay. I was concerned of losing the group completely, but Jesus wanted to shoot this wallride photo and the one other person with us said he knew where they were heading. This didn’t turn out to be completely true. Phones were going straight to answerphone as we skated through a random industrial estate and down a dual carriageway, a proper wild goose chase.

Whilst I was stressing out, worrying that I was going to be the guy responsible for Jesus Fernandez being hit by a lorry, he himself was loving life, thinking this was all part of the plan. When we eventually got to the group, I saw that not a single Lakai dude was there, the huge GSD crowd had by this point segregated and there were three or four potential places that the others had gone to. I won’t bore you with any more details but let’s just say I got him there eventually.

[part title="Dylan Rieder"]

Dylan Rieder - fakie flip switch manual.

3-Dylan Rieder, fakie flip switch manual

It was a lovely day and I was strolling around, Instagramming cats at my feet, posting pointless rubbish through half of Brighton’s letter boxes and looking forward to getting to the beach later to look real cool, splashing around and that. Upon checking my emails though, I realised that the beach, as well as the three special deliveries in my sack, would have to wait. Instead I was going to go and photograph team handsome and the HUF dudes at Southbank.

My train was delayed, it was rush hour on the tube and when I eventually got to Southbank it took me about ten minutes to squeeze through the sea of humans. There was no more than an hour of daylight left and it was that busy that all you could skate was the wedge and the wallride. Anyway, I politely asked Dylan if he could put his tremendous skills to work, preferably something that’s likely to be an NBD. Of course, he came through with this beast. This was shot in the last few rays of the day’s sun and I successfully blocked the view of anyone behind me with my ridiculous hair. Sorry.

[part title="Jed Coldwell"]

Jed Coldwell - frontside 180 nosegrind.

4-Jed Coldwell, frontside 180 nosegrind

To be honest, I really can’t remember much about this day or even what excuse I had taken to travel up to Manchester. It must have been good times as Jed is one of the funniest people I know and I’m pretty sure that beer is the sole cause of my elusive memory from this day. One thing I do remember though is thinking that it would be a good idea to put a bunch of expensive flash gear on the ledge, right in the danger zone where Jed’s left hand is pointing. I assured him not to worry about them as they can take a beating. When the inevitable board to overpriced plastic collision happened, Jed felt really bad, but as I’d predicted they were fine. It was straight after this though that Jed’s board flew out again, this time straight down the hill toward myself and Sean (Lomax), who was filming. The board took out Sean’s freshly opened Heineken and we’re talking 650ml here, not a baby bottle. This time Jed really did feel bad so we made him land the trick.

[part title="Dom Henry"]

Dom Henry - switch frontside smithgrind.

5-Dom Henry, switch frontside smithgrind

I paid Dom a flying visit in Reading to skate, shoot some photos and watch vintage skate VHS. We tried to make something out of some spots that had potential, but as is very often the case with skateboarding, plans don’t always work out. Trying to switch ollie a big bump to bar as a warm up and on a main high street isn’t the best idea, nor is trying to liberate a ledge by digging out a few metres worth of well-kept grass whilst being watched by overzealous security. Anyway, we had a laugh and managed to skate some fun stuff so it was all good. By this point it was getting late and cold and by cold, I mean freezing and I was ready to jump in my car and make the 2 hour journey home so that I could at least try to get some sleep before going to work at 5am. However, Dom reminded me about one more spot. He’d mentioned it before and assured me it would make an interesting, even slightly comical photo. Credit to Dom, when I saw those two cyclists racing down toward me I decided the journey home could wait a little while. Dom proceeded to switch smith the ledge about ten times, whilst Reading native Eugene Ochieng back smithed it the other way. I was definitely loving the perfect space to frame him here and also the trick shows off his (at the time) brand new jacket. Rad!