Owl Skateboards presents new promo 'UTOPOS', replete with the usual mix of car parks, rugged hills and weather beaten spots that we've come to expect from their releases. This is quintessentially grimy UK street skateboarding, watch it then go out and skate a cracked pavement littered with dog eggs if you know what's good for you! Let your eyeballs soak up more street-level goodness via the accompanying zine.

Featuring James Griffiths, Jim Silver, Francis Peters, Joe Coward, Al Hodgson, Daryl Mersom, Ed Pooley and Billy Trick.

Filmed by: Stefan Darque

Edited by: Al Hodgson

The video is also hype for their new range of boards, which you can check out on their site - designed by James Griffiths, Chris Price and Daryl Mersom.