Following on from the first round of 'The One That Got Away', CJ dug into the digital vaults and came up with another round of previously unseen skate photos which are only now seeing the light of day.

There can be a multitude of reasons why great photos are never run and end up languishing on a hard drive somewhere. The primary reason for it is that the trick in question was never landed, closely followed by a swift change in sponsorship for the skater involved, thus rendering their heavily logo'd antics in the photo obsolete. In the case of the photos shown here however - neither one of those two cardinal sins apply. Every one of these tricks were fought and paid for, and ridden away from cleanly, but for whatever reason, still ended up in digital purgatory - so we thought we'd take an opportunity to air them for the first time. Enjoy...

All photography by Chris Johnson

skate photos nosegrind

Andy 'Evz' Evans - backside nosegrind, Nicosia, Cyprus. Photo CJ

Evz banged out a perfect backside nosegrind pop out whilst waiting for his National Skateboard Co. team mates to film lines whilst we were in Cyrpus in 2015. He went ham on some pretty big gaps that week so this photo never made the cut.

skate photos ollie

Lucas 'Goose' Healey - ollie, Redditch. Photo CJ

The clouds don’t lie. You’re in Redditch and there’s nothing you can do about it mate! Damp clearance.

skate photos frontside tailslide

Dan McDermott - tailslide, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photo CJ

Dan McDermott frontside tailslide on the first day of a Quiksilver Brazil trip back in 2011. Yep, skateboarding takes you halfway around the world to skate a sewer, ha!

skate photos varial heel

Joe Hinson - varial heelflip, Coventry. Photo CJ

In the dark days leading up to Christmas 2016, I met up with Joe Hinson in a sodden Coventry. With a few photos in the bag already and with the light fading we headed to Hurbert. This P Rod-esque vairal heelflip was hammered out for a small collective of Games Workshop moshers who were hovering around the roll out.

skate photos 5.0 grind

Jimmy Boyes - frontside 5.0, Durham. Photo CJ

They don’t make em like this anymore (thank god). Jimmy Boyes frontside 5-0 deep in the forgotten corridors of British skatepark construction.

Skate Photos wallride

Harry Lintell - wallride nollie, Wakefield. Photo CJ

Harry Lintell, soggy and freezing - as simple as that.

skate photos back smith

Will Golding - backside smithgrind, Montpellier. Photo CJ

This was shot during the Unabomber trip to Montpellier back in 2012, Will’s backside smithgrind was superseded by endless amounts of jumping and ledge tech.

skate photos indy

SOX - grab in from tail, Newport. Photo CJ

Shot as a warm up for a slightly more risky grab in (on another ramp), this ‘brick shitter’ rag in from Sox never saw the light of day.

skate photos tailslide

Manny Lopez - frontside tailslide fakie, Cockermouth. Photo CJ

Manny’s frontside tailslide fakie was shot during the 2016 Fabric trip to The Lake District. Manny quit Fabric shortly afterwards and his photos weren't included in the feature. Here it is in all it’s glory.

skate photos kickflip

Josh 'Manhead' Young - kickflip, Wolverhampton. Photo CJ

It was bloody freezing! Manhead’s kickflip around the back of the bin at Wolverhampton’s Civic Centre was never published (until now). Enjoy!

skate photos pivot

Jordan Thackeray - frontside pivot, Romford. Photo CJ

This was one of my favourite photos of Jordan from his Haunts missions. Due to the level of gnar he performed in other areas of Romford (and a raft of other parks), this didn’t make the final selection for his interview, so here it is now.

skate photos crooked

Luke Kindon, kicker to crooked, Worcester. Photo CJ

Everyone’s got their homie! Luke Kindon makes something outta fuck all on a Worcestershire industrial estate.

skate photos overcrook

Dylan Hughes - backside overcrook, Madrid. Photo CJ

Many moons ago we found ourselves in Madrid with some of the DC UK team. Dylan crushed this backside over crook but there was never a Mag feature from our time in Spain. (see The One That Got Away part one!)

skate photos blunt

Andy Coleman - frontside bluntslide transfer, Wolverhampton. Photo CJ

Another cold one from Wolvo! Andy Coleman frontside bluntslide transfer for all you Marmite lovers out there.

skate photos ollie

James Bush - gap to backside 5050, Carlisle. Photo CJ

Show us your logos then Bushy! Another one from the Fabric trip. Saved from the cutting room floor (hard-drive).

skate photos nosegrind

Jeremy Jones - kicker to nosegrind bonk, Old Street, London. Photo CJ

More accurate nose pointing from Jeremy Jones. Old Street nosegrind bonk.

skate photos ollie

Vaughan Jones - ollie, Limassol, Cyprus. Photo CJ

VMFJ hoppin' over Cypriot steel