OJ Wheels presents Relapse of the Mohicans, a project in association with Joe Perrin who's Last of the Mohicans scene video was one of the best underground releases of the 2000s.

Featuring Ross Norman, Dave Caddo, Al Davis, Brian Delatorre, Forrest Kirby, Ed Selego, Joel Meinholz, Fred Gall, Dave Abair, Jimmy Lannon, Tony Manfre, Danny Renaud, 80's Joe Staley and many more, this is a must watch if you have a penchant for rugged spots and watching them skated well!

"When OJ hit me up about doing a filmer wheel and basing it around Last Of The Mohicans, a video I made with my friends 10 or so years ago, my mind started racing with the possibilities of video projects to accompany the release. I thought it would be sick to do a montage with new footage from people that were in the original video, but then one thing led to another and we ended up with a full blown little promo video! Working on this has brought back some serious nostalgia for me. Skateboarding has always been the ultimate vehicle for friendships and good times and I couldn't be more thankful. Thank you so much to OJ and NHS and all the friends, filmers and skateboarders who helped make this happen!"