Note Skateshop presents 'Hot Air', a new Mancunian scene video from Joe Gavin featuring workers, riders and lurkers affiliated with the long running skater owned shop making the most of the Sadler's Yard plaza spot before it fell victim to the session killing phenomenon of defensive architecture. It may be consigned to the graveyard of former skate spots now, but luckily its smooth ledges coupled with the Manchester scene's high levels of both productivity and dopeness means that, before the stoppers came in, Joe had captured ten minutes of spot annihilation. Add in a hip hop heavy soundtrack which includes Big Pun and Czarface to the wide range of approaches taken to what is essentially a fairly simple spot and you have a recipe for a genuine stoke inducer awaiting below. Sadler's Yard might be done, but given the fire which fuels the Mancunian scene (and the endless regeneration of larger city centres in the UK) then we're sure it won't be long before the next spot crops up. In the meantime, peep the clip below then go find your nearest ledge and get some grooves in those trucks...

Featuring Ferg Anderson, Joe Gavin, Ben Grove, Keanu Robson, Mark Stockton, Ian Williams, Reuben Horvath, Dan Cintra, Matthew Nevitt, Armani Rochford, Sam Bottenberg, Victor Irigoyen, Phoenix Luke, Tom Day, Joe O'Donnell, John Bell, Jim Craven, Lloyd McLeggon, Joe Roberts, Gez Curran, Pablo Carasa, Sam Pendlebury, James Gell, Paddy Gomulski, Dom Henry, Marcus Craven and Chris Maddox.

Addition filming by Paddy Gomulski, Sean Lomax and Phoenix Luke.

For more shredding from the Manchester area filmed and edited by Joe Gavin, you could do much worse than sitting back and watching the full 40 minute Madchester Mondays video, which features many of the heads you can see in Hot Air.