The Nine Club with Vincent Alvarez

The latest episode of The Nine Club sees Chocolate Skateboards and Lakai Footwear rider Vincent Alvarez sitting down with Chris Roberts and the crew to cover some ground. Vincent and Chris share a board sponsor so this one flows pretty freely, with Alvarez talking growing up in sketchy neighbourhoods, appreciation for Stone Cold Steve Austin and fakie big spins, grafting in a meat packing factory, switch front tails on vert going wrong and plenty more.

Alvarez may not have the wealth of years of experience to make this episode a Jeff Grosso, Jamie Thomas or Steve Olson, but he comes across as genuinely stoked on the situation he has found himself in which automatically makes for a fairly enjoyable way to kill a couple of hours!

"This week on The Nine Club we’ve got Vincent Alvarez discussing growing up in East LA, moving back and forth between Atlanta & LA, meeting Jake Johnson at Woodward, getting on Neighborhood but never got a box, working at a meat packing factory, winning the King Of LA contest, getting on Chocolate Skateboards, filming for the Lakai video “The Flare", skating for Dickies, working on his part in the upcoming Transworld video “Duets" with Zack Wallin and much more!"

For more from Vincent, check out his banging Extra Flare footage which is comprised of the raw clips from his section in Lakai's The Flare. You can also get the lowdown on his thoughts on Euro touring by checking out his Welcome Skate Store interview conducted by Farran Golding back in 2016 - "I think that skaters in the UK don't really worry about doing big handrails and stuff; it's more about being creative and utilising the different spots that you have out there. I feel a lot more skaters in the US are starting to see more footage of skaters from there and seeing that there's a whole other side to skateboarding than just being stuntmen."