The Nine Club with Tommy Guerrero - Episode 97

The Nine Club is closing in on its 100th episode, with what we're assuming will be a big name guest slotted in for that milestone, but they're going to struggle to top this one - Bones Brigade alumni, street skating innovator and integral cog in the Real Skateboards machine Tommy Guerrero is in the chair for episode 97. Guerrero is no stranger to the interview show format, with his show BS With TG being one of our favourites, so there's should be no doubt in your mind whether or not to get the teas on and sit back for a couple of hours for this one.

From meeting Stacy Peralta to starting Real and from his music career to his previously discussed talk show, this one comes highly recommended! More TG can be found via the interview conducted by Neil McDonald for Sidewalk Issue 223.

"This week we’ve got Tommy Guerrero on the show discussing growing up in San Francisco CA, riding for Madrid, getting on Powell Peralta, filming the early Powell Peralta videos in one day, doing 36 demos in the summer, leaving Powell Peralta to start Real Skateboards, getting into music at young age, BS with TG, making the soundtrack for the 40’s video, his process for making music and much more!"

Instead of the usual 'Here's one of the guest's sections as a bonus' type postscript, we're assuming that most of you are quite familiar with TG's skateboarding output (although if you haven't watched his section in the Real Skateboards video Non Fiction, you should probably stop what you're doing immediately) - so, instead, here's one of the audio gems from his lengthy discography. Go see him live if you can; he blew the doors off the Brudenell Social Club when he stopped through a few years back. Straight out of hospital after having a plate removed and rescrewed into my arm, a combination of opiate based pain relief and cheap cans of Red Stripe gave the whole evening the metallic blue gleam of the gig room's lights but I'm pretty sure it would have been just as fun without that, admittedly exciting, addition.