The Nine Club with Louie Lopez

This week's episode of The Nine Club sees Flip Skateboards wunderkind turned grown up Southbank pint grabber Louie Lopez taking the chair. From growing up as part of Flip's early 2000s child prodigy camp (see also Curren Caples, David Gonzalez and Luan Oliveira) to full size destroyer of some of the gnarliest spots to lay in wait around the globe, as well as being most likely a hair’s breadth away from SOTY 2017 status after his monster section towards the end of last year, Louie has been a heavy presence in the world of professional skateboarding for a long time now and it's exciting to think that he's just getting to full strength now.

Sleeping with boards in his bed, his first clips going into a "half skateboarding, half breakdancing video", boardsliding the Hollywood High 16 at the age of nine, getting on Flip, his SOTY nomination, skating Street League, filming for the upcoming Converse video Purple and more are all covered in a short (relatively, as we're talking about The Nine Club) but succinct catch up with one of the most talented people to pick up the wheely plank in recent years. Press play, enjoy and start getting hyped for what is sure to be some mental footage in the new Converse video...

"This week we’ve got Louie Lopez on the show discussing growing up in Hawthorne CA, winning his first contest, getting flowed by Powell, filming for the Flip video “Extremely Sorry", getting on Volcom, quitting Globe to skate for Cons, skating in Street League, being nominated for Thrasher Magazine’s Skater Of The Year, filming for the new Cons video “Purple" and much more!"