The Nine Club with Jerry Hsu

This week's episode of The Nine Club sees recent addition to the Chocolate Skateboards ranks Jerry Hsu sit down with team mate Chris Roberts, alongside Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart, to talk about is life in skating so far. From meeting Salman Agah at the local curb spot on his first every day on a skateboard to his current position as switch innovator and people's favourite, Jerry has been through a lot of the seismic shifts that the skateboard industry has been through in the last couple of decades and as such has plenty to talk about.

Skating with Marc Johnson on both Maple and enjoi, having a part in Osiris' The Storm and being sent to London by himself for the premiere, 'The Storm Flip' and loads of other stuff which doesn't have any connection to The Storm. It's that time of week so put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy...

"Some people backside 360 the Great Wall of China, other people do a disgusting flat ground trick and are forever remembered for it."

"The show that has skateboarders talking - This week Jerry Hsu discusses growing up in San Jose CA, ordering his first skateboard from the back of a Thrasher Magazine, making a 25 minute sponsor me video, getting on Maple Skateboards, moving out of his parents house at 18, Osiris’ “The Storm" video and the infamous Storm Flip, quitting Maple for Enjoi, filming for “Bag Of Suck", the Tilt Mode videos, getting on Chocolate Skateboards, photography, starting his own brand Sci-Fi Fantasy and much more!"