The Nine Club hits its 80th episode with a corker of a Bill Strobeck interview, with the Supreme filmer and long time East Coast lens-pointer talking with Chris Roberts, Roger Bagley and Kelly Hart about growing up in Upstate New York, getting his first VX1000, filming for the Alien Workshop video “Photosynthesis", almost getting killed filming Mark Gonzales, what the Supreme video “Cherry" was originally going to be called, his denim phase, why the “Cherry" video was black and white, “Joyride", a new Supreme video in the works and much more!

From filming a couple of clips with Bam for Landspeed and being misnamed by Transworld, it's intriguing to listen to Bill's transition from casual filmer to working on some of Alien Workshop's finest moments and, eventually, filming his first full length video in the form of Supreme's 'Cherry' with a follow up currently in the works. This has been a good week for Strobeck anecdotes as he also makes an appearance in Jason Dill's Bobshirt interview (which we also highly recommend giving a watch), and it seems from both of these interviews like there are plenty more to be told when the time is right! We're not brew dictators or anything but, despite already having told you to put the kettle on once today, we once again gently suggest that you get the brews on, settle in and enjoy a top notch two and a bit hours of skateboard geekery.

"He's cruising down this hill, speed wobbles, falls on his lips and he blew out his tooth really bad. He comes back up the hill, I'm still filming him and he's like 'I think I'm going to try it depends on how much blood I lose from here to the top of the hill.'"