The Nine Club with Aaron Meza

This week's episode of The Nine Club sees the brain's behind some of your favourite videos Aaron Meza sitting down in the chair to help offer an insight into how he got where he is today. From getting a board and his first visit to EMB, to randomly filming a trick with James Kelch and eventually ending up as the man behind the lens on various classic Crailtap productions - obviously via the legendary FTC Skate Shop videos Finally and Penal Code 100A.

The Embarcadero connection saw him filming some of the earliest footage from the likes of Mike Carroll, Rick Howard and Jovontae Turner and being embroiled within the Crailtap family from the beginning, so this one should be of interest with anyone who has any interest in, well, skateboarding. Which, due to where you're reading this, we're assuming you do!

"Embarcadero was the place, these were the dudes and to be associated with that for me was more than enough."

"This week we’ve got Aaron Meza on the show discussing growing up in South San Francisco CA, skating at EMB for the first time, James Kelch randomly asking him to film a line, making the first FTC video “Finally", filming for videos like “Questionable" and “Love Child", making the second FTC video “Penal Code 100A", working for Girl Skateboards, getting hired as the editor of Skateboarder Magazine, working for Vice and much more!"

As Goldfish is discussed at length during this episode and Aaron Meza was behind a solid portion of the filming which went into it, it's perfect timing that Crailtap have seen fit to upload the Girl Skateboards classic in the full quality that it deserves. Re-boil that kettle, it's raining out and you're not going to want to go anywhere fast...