This weekend saw the second proper leg of Nike SBs ongoing 'Mystery Tour' to the North East, with Colin Kennedy, Mike Wright, Paul Silvester and a flu ridden Tom Harrison taking in the delights of Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Footage will be appearing over the coming weeks, but, for now, have a look at a selection of camera phone snapshots from the trip...

Mike wasn't skating on this trip, he was on strict filming duties...

More vitamin C than fresh orange juice. Perfect for man-flu.

About 5 years ago on a rainy day in Sheffield, Lynskey came up with an idea for a skate video called 'Splash - starring Michael Wright'. This one's for you, Lyners.

The obligatory before...

...and after.

"Oh my God, that kid just ate it!

Feeling dem rims.

The rate that kids at Prissick consume energy drinks is almost as shocking as their lust for stickers.

Huworth sunset.

Tescos Halloween ideas with Tom.

Scary shit.

Street teeth cleaning.

Geordie garage claims skin.

Nandos Middlesbrough comes through as always. Corn on the cob for the win!