The Nike SB team spent most of last week down in Kent, gathering photos for a special upcoming issue of 'Fluff' magazine. Ben went along on filming duties, and came back with this collection of snaps for you to enjoy!

Keep an eye out over the weekend for regular updates of photos from the second leg of the 'Mystery Tour' to the North-East!

Tibshelf services blogging hotspot - you seen how much Mike looks like the painting behind him?

Ben 'Flock of Seagulls' Cundall

It's a skate club from Germany - who could've guessed that one?

True to form - an hour after getting there Mackie takes a career ending hipper at the first spot we go to

I know it looks like his knee cap - but it isn't...

Pegwell Bay Caravan Park - Home sweet home (fucking freezing)


Guess who's the bottom in that relationship....

Go straight to Michael Jackson's house...

No comment

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Oh no...we've drunk all the beer - let's start on those bottles of red wine.

Keeping it White Rose

Mackie adds his voice to the condemnations

Jodie S took a graff beating

Depends where you stick the Mars bar I guess...

Not exactly Hell but on a clear day you can see it from Margate.

Pop Idol and Cuntdial all up in this piece

So far from the truth it's scary

Does this mean I'm an artist now?

Margates' answer to post Soviet Russia - more jonnies on the floor than you can count

Power crew - Peshwari's son!!!

"So we'll have 100 pints of lager and 5 poppadums please..."

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Don't fear the ass Cobra....

I'm going to burn that green Nike top...

Mackie looking Magnum P.I. distinguished whilst man-in-the-know Biscuits contemplates our next move.

Marcel from Fluff magazine is a good lad and knows how to wear an image hat

This is Britain

Does what it says on the tin

Jonny Morris? Or the Major from Fawlty Towers? Either way, your man was down...

I'm definitely an artist now... Collabo anyone?

So glad I'm not a photographer

Fun with shadows

Decaying glory/nice jugs

Sea Crow ender-ender

In a bit...