Nike SB welcomes Daan Van Der Linden to the team via a mission to explore the skateparks and streets of Gran Canaria with the crew. Daan is a sight rarely missing from our screens on any given week at the moment, whether it be spinning McTwists at Southbank on Volcom trips, sticking two fingers up to physics and sobriety on Anti Hero missions or shutting down Bay Area spots in the Spitfire Wheels Arson Department edits. This is showing no signs of slowing down (this is the third major edit he's been a part of in the last seven days alone), so we're sure that 2018 will see plenty more Dutch wizardy from Daan crossing our screens and fuelling not a few pub debates about what is actually possible on four wheels and a plank of wood. Definite 2018 SOTY contender we reckon...

Daan is joined in Gran Canaria by the similarly talented lower limbs of Wieger Van Wageningen, Youness Amrani, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Fernando Bramsmark and Jacopo Carozzi - hitting all manner of terrain from the bizarre looking skatepark which consists of giant, mellow quarters (a regular site when footage from the place surfaces) to smooth, sun dappled which look especially appealing in comparison to the view which currently lurks out of the London smog outside my window and consists mostly of drizzle and air pollution. A solid combination of skaters means that all manner of terrain is taken care of with a vengeance, so sit back and enjoy a couple of minutes of wizardy from Daan and the crew.

Filmed and edited by Sami El Hassani.

"Trips are better with the homies. Wieger, Youness, Oski, Fernando, and Jacopo head to Gran Canaria with the newest SB pro. Welcome to the team, Daan."