Nike SB present the first leg of their Mystery Tour 12th-15th September, 2008. A knee jerk reaction to the conventional tour format; A haphazard, last minute, off the cuff decision to hit the streets and parks of Scotland.

Protocol - Infinite whirlwind Shred around Scotland in three days.

The crew: Daniel Kinloch aka Snowy, Joey Pressey, David Mackey, Colin Kennedy and Korahn Gayle.

Date and Times - Coming in hot for a wee session at the following destinations, join us if you can.

Friday 12th September: Edinburgh, Bristo Square minus the upright Cow. Approx. 12-2pm. Map Here.

Glasgow, Kelvingrove Park minus the neds wi' bucky(aye right!) Approx. 6-Darkness. Map Here.

Sunday 14th September: Aberdeen, Transition Extreme Skatepark minus the inclement weather. Approx. 6-8pm. Info Here.

The rest of the time we'll be toiling with the weather on the streets....look out for clips on mpora in the upcoming weeks.

DISCLAIMER.....NikeSB takes no responsibility for being late to any of the sessions, it will undoubtedly be Korahn's fault, hence the approximated scheduled times.

Edinburgh, now. Joey, Snowy and K-Rod.