Yesterday saw us waking in Glasgow and sleeping in Aberdeen, with plenty of rain-dodging and driving inbetween, and the odd bit of skating chucked in for good measure!

Wet Glasgow morning view, now you can see this too!

Aye, you wish you had this chair right now, don't you? Mackie relaxing, for those who can't.

'Taxi for Brown' - Nuclear beans (baked beans with Tabasco sauce, red onion and cheddar), diced sausage, bacon, one egg and toasted ciabatta. 'Where the Monkey Sleeps' - go eat there when in Glasgow.

Here's one for Joey to nick and stick on his Facebook.

Our rental car is now home to a spider that Korahn swears blind climbed out of his jumper in Edinburgh. Here is the aforementioned spider mincing on the wing-mirror.

"Oh no, not the Big Push favourite again!" Mackie

Not only did we make it to Aberdeen, but Colin marked the occasion by rocking one of the best tee-shirts in the world.

Alex, rolling the dice. "Wanna taste my 4-5-6?"

Alex again, this time he's wondering exactly how one receives a deep clean to the ventilation, and how you'd go about earning a certificate displaying such a fact.

The British art culture meets the British booze culture. Forget about fixed gear, it's all about fixed beer these days.