Colin Kennedy, Korahn Gayle, Thomas Henry Harrison, Neil Smith and David Mackey have embarked upon a little winter getaway to Barcelona at the expense of Nike SB, accompanied by Leo Sharp and Dan Magee on digital soul stealing duties and no doubt a couple of affiliated stowaways.

For the duration of their trip we will be receiving regular updates detailing what's been going on, who's killed who and what Leo's eaten, amongst other things.

To start things off, here are some pics from the first day...

Boring apartment view.

There's a supermarket just over here, it's got tuna!

Tramline shot, cold, fresh and dry out here.

Sylvain creeping and Barton coming through with the Sheckler gems

Not fucking with these sunsets, mair to follow.

There's no caption with these, so I'm just going make them up.

Isn't that the name of some Digital TV Channel?

Magee gets on Leo's fitness regime. Now try running away from a load of Moroccans with all that gear on.

Click for Day 2