Nike SB Free

NIKE SB presents the first ever skate shoe with the Nike Free sole – Nike SB Free.

Giving riders the flexibility to unlock their natural motion in skateboarding, the Nike SB Free has been tried and tested by Sean Malto who unveils its superior board grip, feel and balance, leading to more control, more freedom and faster progression.

The Nike SB Free has been designed to facilitate the true natural motion of the foot, giving skaters the feeling that their feet are free, enabling them to spread with less constriction, unlocking the foot to let it do what it naturally does best.

“To have that feeling of direct connection with the SB Free and exactly what’s happening with my feet and board is what gives me the confidence to do new things and progress my skating. If you’re comfortable on your board, if you feel good, connected, well then everything else will follow from that."

Sean Malto

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