The shortest day might now have passed, but we still have a while before any noticeable change happens when it comes to daylight extending into the evening. For many of us the only way to fit in a skate will be to head out after hours and embrace the icy streets and badly lit alleyways of our towns and cities. Hopefully this list of some of our favourite night skating edits will get you hyped to greet the darkness, howl at the moon and shred the night away.

Owl Skateboards are a recently formed company out of Brighton and Bristol, with a penchant for nocturnal skateboarding captured perfectly in the above edit.

The second post this edit has been included in during the past week, but with very good reason - nothing is more likely to get you out for a winter's session!

Its basically wet and cold in Manchester all year round, which is even more reason to respect the city's prolific output of banging skate footage. This killer edit from Jim Craven shows all the usual suspects absolutely having it despite impending vitamin D deficiencies.

Hold Tight Henry's edits are always worth a watch, with the added bonus of seeing fairly undiscovered London spots alongside the usual haunts. This edit, put out to coincide with an issue of Grey Magazine which focused on night skating, sees the city heavily explored once the sun has set.

Sidewalk's brief run of indoor park edits should bring some hype to hit your local during the holidays! Someone bring back Josh Parr please?

Raymond Molinar embraces the night while leaving security and skate stoppers in the cold in this sick edit from WKND Skateboards.

Ya better know the Scot's have no problem with going out in the cold and darkness. No fairweather shit here, just rugged shredding.

A quick Naples shred from Pietro Bontà for Taste Wheels, street lethal!

Northern Germany goes all out with 12 minutes worth of footage culled from hitting the streets from dusk til dawn...definitely making the most of their surroundings, with plenty of non-spots getting a thorough rogering.

Magenta have never been afraid of a concept edit, so its no surprise that their camp have put out a couple of particularly rad night skating edits. This is the second, check out the first here...then get out there and skate!