You slowly rouse yourself from a troubled sleep, with a desert where your mouth used to be and a vague feeling of impending doom. Your head is pounding, you're spooning a pizza box whilst simultaneously holding onto the bed for dear life and your liver might be trying to punch its way out of your side. Today is going to be a challenge. Thank fuck for us then, here to aid your recovery with a selection of the mellowest sections to soothe your aching eyes...and maybe even help guide you out the front door and into the loving embrace of a skate session? Flick through these laid back bangers and find out!

Stereo are old hands at the chilled out jazz infused edit. There probably isn't a better starting point for this article than the brilliant Tincan Folklore so get the brews on and sit back with one of the classics.

Massive pop and crusty street spots would have made this one easy to edit in a Fred Gall/Sabbath style way, so props on the decision to use Groove Armada and the editing steez to make it work, this ones definitely gunna make you want to hit the city hard.

Basically a warm hug of raw street, cobblestone spots and classic soul sounds.

"You didn't wake up this morning cos you didn't go to bed, you were watching the whites of your eyes turn red"...new wave weirdness which perfectly encapsulates the comedown vibe and fits perfectly into Bake and Destroy.

Ridiculously solid roll aways from heavily tech stair business, all set to Smokey Robinson and the Miracles? Go on then!

A reggae bonanza for this one - the Sk8Mafia segment from Skate Sauce's Hard Times but Good Times starts in with a dub version of Gregory Isaac's classic Party in the Slum before switching to the sublime Police and Thieves by Junior Murvin.

Think about sitting, sipping on your ice cold beer, on a sunny afternoon...then force another Berocca down and force yourself into the cold in the vain hope that "fresh air will help", hahaha!

Any excuse for a Pogues inclusion! Matt Hensley plus various friends and family having the best time, in Super 8, to Sunnyside of the Street. RAD.

The title says it better than I ever could! Almost four minutes of Yorkshirecana stoke to drag you out of bed.

Delatorre is a boss, add in his skating to Fela Kuti? Sold! If you've never read the story of the man who basically invented Afrobeat and managed to piss off various totalitarian regimes in the process I highly recommend.

Classic Zoo York vibes will improve any situation, including strange liver pains and sweating pure rum.

Soulful SF shredding, always welcome.

Brady's section from Lost and Found seemed like a good way to wrap things up; grey skies, laid back street steezing at classic British spots and a soundtrack courtesy of The Delgados and Rodriguez.